Athletic and Performing Arts Dress Code | 2018-2019


Dress codes will be strictly enforced by the studio.

Ballet:  Student must have required leotard for class level. Ballet students must have a proper secure bun for class with leotard, clean tights, and proper footwear. No tank tops, shorts, or skirts are allowed for Graded Level 1 through Graded Level 6.

Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary/Modern:  Shorts or Leggings, tank tops or t-shirts. No bare midriffs.  Class requires turners or jazz shoes for proper turning technique.  Hair must be securely pulled back.

Hip Hop:  Students may wear sneakers in class as well as comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.

Tap:  Students must wear proper tap shoes.  Shorts or leggings, tank tops or t-shirts.  Hair must be securely pulled back.

Extreme Ballet Students:  All girls must be in proper uniform with proper ballet bun in order to attend class. Anyone not in proper uniform without prior approval from ballet mistress will not be allowed in class.


Teeter Toddler & Baby Giants classes do not have a required uniform.  They can wear any leotard or comfortable clothing with no buckles, zippers, or snaps.

Bridge Ups, Bridge Overs, Pull Over, Hip Circle, Free Hip, Fly Away, Muscle Up, Planche, Maltese, Back Bend, Back Handspring, Back Tuck, & Bring It On classes have a specific uniform that must be purchased at the center prior to starting classes.  If you come to class without your proper uniform an new one must be purchased prior to attending class.

No midriff tops are allowed at anytime in the gymnastics classes.